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We can generate high quality information at uniformly high standards across several countries by using telephone interviews. In order to live up to this claim, we conduct all telephone interviews from a central location in Germany. An international team of interviewers conducts these interviews exclusively in their native language. The interviewers go through frequent trainings, which guarantees that the interviews are conducted uniformly.

We believe that a good interviewer has to understand the questions that he/she asks. For this reason interviewers are briefed on the subject of the questionnaire for each project.

The fact that they receive this background information also ensures that they are accepted as competent discussion partners even by difficult target groups such as IT managers. This ensures a higher willingness to answer questions and improves the quality of the questions answered.

Our CATI programmers are trained in programming complex questionnaires with multi-dimensional skip criteria and question rotations, even with a prescribed data map.
This programming ensures the quality of the survey and that the collected data can flow into the individual analysis layouts without problems.